“I now walk into the wild.” ― Jon Krakauer

“I now walk into the wild.” ― Jon Krakauer

I’m “rewilding” my life. At least for the next 30 days-well 25 days now, because I’ve rewilded for the past 5 days. What is rewilding you ask?  We Are Wildness, is promoting a challenge to unplug and get outside for the next 30 days for at least 30 minutes. I signed up and have yet to miss a day.  I’ve hiked the trails at San Tan Mountain and walked at a local park where many species of birds take residence. We are encouraged to look up and walk barefoot in the grass.

Flourishing Firecracker Penstemons reach toward the sun after the recent unusual rains. We say “rain in the desert is always welcome” and it is, but it’s nice when the sun shows itself again. Rain brings out the creosote smell of the desert–I love how it wakes up my senses.

There is so much happiness to be had while hanging out with this cute little web-footed creature! This cute duck was kind enough to let me take her picture–many times over. She turned this way and that and concluded this was her “good side”.  I agree although I think she looks just as cute from either side.

The Phoenix metropolitan area is huge. I mean HUGE! It is approximately 14,000 square. miles and is home to an estimated 5,000,000 people… so having this mountain recreation area so close to home is a gift. The hike we took the other day was peaceful and nary a soul in sight. I stopped to take this as we hiked up the trail and way in the distance is the vast metro area of Phoenix and it’s surrounding communities.

We all need to unplug and re-connect with nature. I feel so much more alive after I’ve spent time away from the city and away from technology (with the exception of bringing my camera along). You don’t have to sign up for the challenge, but wherever you are in the world, just get outside! It’ll do you good.


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  1. It looks beautiful. I love getting out, but not in this below zero weather unfortunately. I’m afraid I’m a fair weather friend of the outdoors. Please enjoy the walks for me. ?

    1. I totally get that, Patti. I’ll be stuck indoors in just a few months–when it’s 115 degrees outside. Until then I’ll enjoy the walks for you. 🙂

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