A Glimpse Through the Keyhole

A Glimpse Through the Keyhole


Hi!  Welcome to My Perfect Little Life.

Not long ago,  an acquaintance said to me, “Well, aren’t you living a perfect little life?”  I was surprised how this struck a nerve.  We hadn’t spoken more than a few niceties over the years and after a twenty minute conversation about how I spend my days , she concluded I was living the life.  While on the surface it may appear my life is indeed perfection, it truly hasn’t been a cakewalk.  It has taken me two years since this conversation, to come to terms with what she had said and to realize I am grateful for the life I have lived, thus far.


adjective \ˈpər-fikt\

: having no mistakes or flaws

: completely correct or accurate

: having all the qualities you want in that kind of person, situation, etc.

Merrium Webster’s Online Dictionary

By definition of the word “perfect”, my life has not been perfect.  Not even close.  I have a life of crumpled papers that can’t be straightened out no matter how much I try.  Some of the creases have been self inflicted and some inflicted by others.  I have made more mistakes than I would care to admit.  No, not perfect, but perfectly right for me.  I am grateful for my life as it happened, because it has taught me to be strong and to live with integrity.  To pursue my passions and to look at life with hope.

This is how My Perfect Little Life was born.  I have created this blog to share a glimpse through the keyhole of living life on life’s terms.

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  1. Good to embrace and learn from what others say and do, will be great to follow your Perfect LIttle Journey:)

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